#10Day's Off. That's an Awful Lot.

In about 20 Minutes I’ll be 19 years old

I dropped #10Day 2 weeks ago and I have literally had the best 2 weeks of my life in the days since. I began on what has become the #10Day tape when I was still 17, about 2 weeks from my 18th birthday. I was a senior at Jones College Prep in Chicago Il, and infamous among my peers and the administration as the rebellious cool kid, complete with highjinks, catchphrases and cigarettes. I smoked alot of cigarettes in highshool. I also smoked a lot of weed. One day before school me and my guys Jack Dolan and Cadien James got bumped chiefin down the street from the school. We were arrested, suspended and had our graduation privilages stripped.


But from the moment I got in the police car I felt like a different person. Like things were going to be different from that point forward. Like not necessarily as if I knew shit was gonna get really good. But the realization that shit could get very very bad. Like I knew I wanted to rap, but i wasn’t really workin hard to achieve goals I had set up, and if I wasn’t gonna rap then I definitely wasn’t on the road to college. So I began recording My #10Day tape during my 2 week vacation and really became dedicated to my profession and even came up with a new psuedonym: Chance The Rapper.

2 packed listening parties, 2 great music videos, a soldout concert, A Newspaper Coverstory, A roadtrip to SouthXSouthwest, and 12 months later #10Day is done and building an amazing buzz. I really want to thank my Executive Engineer, Producer and friend L-Boog of THEMpeople ( @LBoogieTHEM ) for putting together such an amazing project with me. And I want to definitely thank my Director and close friend Austin Vesely ( @AustinVesely ) for helping me develope and express the ideas I had with #10Day. Expect more from us in 2012 and thanks so much for making my entire 18th yr so crackin. 19 should be great.

#10Day: http://www.mediafire.com/?ulhwerytvtuziwc


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